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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and toning down the tit for tat attacks we have seen recently. this is the 12th debate now. it is time for the underdogs to move the needle in their favor if they want to remain come competitive competitive. they're laying low today, possibly practicing up for what could be another bruising debate. for the last time before floridians vote, republican presidential hopefuls will go at it, likely taking aim at frontrunner donald trump. priebus is hoping for matters of substance. >> i was hoping for more on a "g" rating over what happened in detroit. to get. that's what i'm hoping for, but we'll wait and see. >> reporter: senator marco rubio gaining ground on frontrunner trump. a univision survey shows trump at 38%nd rubio within reach at
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trump with a much larger lead, 43% to rubio's 20%. a victory in florida is a must win for him to remain viable. in a town hall meeting with chuck todd, rubio talked about recent insults and personal attacks waged against trump. >> i i i had to do it again, i would he done that part differently, but not his record on business. what they're electing is not who he says he is. >> reporter: we did have some news made about 90 minutes ago. the utah senator mike lee coming out and endorsing his fellow senator ted cruz. this is the first senate endorsement that ted cruz is enjoying out of all of the senators in the united states senate. so far only one, mike lee, from
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ted ruz. the party remains neutral up until this int, but there was a quick answer for which democratic opponent he would like tooace in the general election. more on that coming up at 6:00. nbc 6 news. minutes. meanwhile no matter what happens inside the bank united center and what fireworks happen there, there's a lot of hype at the university of miami campus. for more on that, we'll go to marissa bagg. >> reporter: we've heard people chanting for certain candidates and a lot of t tk about watch parties on campus. there ar multiple watch parties on campus. a watch party will be up on the third floor. students can't wait for the political world to be focused on um. it's the calm before the political storm at the university of miami in coral gables. campus is quiet because it's
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hold down the excitement about tonight's republican presidential debate. >> when we sawt was going to be at our campus, i had no idea they had pick a place so close to me for the debate. i mean, my dorms are right there. literally, it is across the street. it's amazing. >> reporter: as the spin room buzzes, these graduate students are trying to finish projects so they can make the watch party on campus at the student activity center. >> it's always cool when you see that kind of stuff, especially on national television. my friends back home are probably like the debate is on your campus, that's pretty cool. >> i did my undergraduate work in d.c., so i miss the political scene in that sense. >> reporter: as the hours anxious to see if tonight will dictate who they vote for. and ahead at 6:00, we'll hear more from those students about
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the watch party doors will open up at 7:30 tonight. i'll send it back over to jackie. >> reporter: the couwtship of former governor jeb bush continues. the former presidential candidate is expected to meet individually today with ted cruz and john kasich ahead of tonight's debate. bush met with marco rubio yesterday. the former florida governor has yet to endorse anyone since dropping out of the white house race last month. that is the big get. most of the candidates want an endorsement from jeb bush. it's going to be interesting if he endorses anyone at all. the democraqs debated last night at miami-dade college. i had the opportunity to sit down earlier@ today with the head of the dnc debbie wasserman-shultz. this is what she had to say. >> it's a vulgar slug fest that even marco rubio was embarrassed because his children were
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handled it. this is a campaign for the presidency of the unit states, and our candidates are taking voters seriously. the republican candidates are really engaged in some reality show slug fest that disrespects voters. >> reporter: now here's a look at the latest democratic delegate count. hillary clinton has surpapaed 1200 delegates, more than double what bernrn sanders has right now. there are still 3,000 delegates up for grabs. 2,383 delegates are needed for the democratic nomination. debbie wasserman disasreed with bernie sanders that some of the debates were set up to benefit hillary clinton's campaign. the what were the democratic candidatete up to after last night's big debate? we go back to the studio. another day of campaigning
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who have an eye on our winner take all primary next tuesday. the democratic presidential candidates spent another day in the sunshine state locked in a fierce battle for the nomination. before checking out of the fountain blue hotel on miami beach, hillary clinton made a surprising visit to thehe hotel staff posing for selfies and signing autographs. >> that was a big surprise for us. i would never expect to see the candidate for the democrats to be president of the united states to be here with us. >> reporter: clinton headed north to tampa for a get out the vote event. she spoke about her plans to create jobs. >> despite my differences with my opponent, i am proud of the campaign we have r r because we have focused on isss, and i'm running a campaign that talks
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for you. >> reporter: bernie sanders addressed a mostly young crowd. >> when we talk about public education today, we should be talking about making public colleges and universities tuition free. >> reporter: earlier today at the university of florida, sanders also focused on students and how they can change the country by standing up to the status quo. >> but unless you're out on the playing field, football is a spectator sport. democracy is not a spectator sport. >> reporter: and bernie sanders is expected to head to the florida state fairgrounds next for another rally. as for hillary clinton, her next stop is durham, north carolina. i'm laura rodriguez. jackie, back to you. >> reporter: thank you very much. the candidates are certainly very busy, but let's talk about last night's debate.
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language television. hispanic voters a key demographic in florida's upcoming primary. amanda plasencia was there. she'll have more on that discussion today coming up in the next half hour of news. i will be back here on the university of miami campus to bringg you much more live team coverage from campus here. the vibe i'm getting here, the energy, is very similara to 2004 for the first presidential debate between@ george w. bush and senator john kerry. back then it was an historic debate coming here to campus. something similar we're feeling here today. back to you in the studio. remember to keep the nbc 6 news and weather app handy on tuesday when it will be a winner take all primary. we'll be bringing you live results as they roll in. once the polls close, you can find it all.
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right now concerning ted cruz's campaign headquarters. in houston, there's a hazmat situation at his headquarters. he's on the road. he's been in north carolina. hehes in florida tonight for the debates, but right now you're looking at his location in houston of his campaign headquarters. lots of fire trucks out there and emergency workers not sure what kind of hazmat situation is going on. we'll keep you posted on this one on our nbc 6 news and weather pp. well, president obama is using the word circus to describe the republican primary. speaking today from the white house, the president said donald trump's position on immigration and other issues aren't different from those of his republican rivals. mr. obama also said he takes responsibility for failing to bridge the political divide and bring people together, but blames the republican party's rhetoric for the rise of candidates like trump. today the president and the
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prime minister justin trudeau and his wife to washington, d.c. they'll discuss military efforts to combat terrorism and trade and environmental issues. this visit marar thehe first state visit by a canadian leader in more than 19 years. rick scott signed into law more than two dozen new bills. floridians can now be permanently excluded from jury duty due to reasons on question. free parking at public airports for veterans. state residents will be able to designate a custodian to mange their social media accounts when they die or become incapacitated. you can sese a full list of all these changes on the nbc 6 news and weather app. now to an update on the zika virus. today, health officials confirmed six new cases i the state, including three in miami-dade county and one in
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this brings the total in florida to 58. four of those confirmed cases are pregnant women, but the effects of the mosquito virus on their unborn babies is not yet known. yesterday health officials confirmed the virus was sexually transmitted in polk county. locals are concerned about mosquito breeding grounds. we're going to show you what you can do if you see any of those breeding grounds. next on 6, a mother back in miami after police say she abducted her son and took him to texas. chris bosh makes a major announcement about his latest battle with blood clots. what he's saying about his future with the heat. could answering a phone call land your tax return into somebody else's hands?
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new tonight, a big financial win for the family of a baby dumped at a gas station inside a box. raul manzano and catheryne lucero were awarded $20 million. the parents contacted the carey royal ram'n funeral home to cremate their son, but instead
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home placed the baby's remains dumpster. a mother accused of abducting her son and then taking him across state lines. >> she's tururd herself in back here in south florida. aron lawson is live in miami tonight. she's uncovered new information on this diststbing case. sharon? >> reporter: well, it appears that this mother already lost ago. and whe faced with the possibility of now losing her son to an adoption, she couldn't bear it, so she picked up her child and then allegedly took off. >> ma'am, you are arrested -- >> reporter: leydibet hernandez back in court. her actions triggered a nationwide amber alert since hernandez previously lost custody of herer 21-month-old son
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the guardian at firt told authorities hernandez snatched gan from the crib. turns out she was involved along with her mother and fiance. >> they led our detectives down the wrong path, gave us false information, and putting this child's safety in danger. >> reporter: they were found in laredo, texas this week. before she decided to turn herself in, she had other plans. >> their belieffs she may have been heading out the country with the child. >> reporter: her plan to vanish to mexico with her son never to be seen again with help from these three who are now facing charges. what is next for hernandez? >> w@ intend on pleading not guilty. >> reporter: her attorney won't into detail only saying hernandez was protecting her son, adding -- >> in this particular instance, i don't believe she interfered with the custody of anybody and
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out in court. >> reporter: hernandez's bond is set at $50,000. she is placed on house arrere. her son is in the custody of the state. i'm sharon lawson. nbc 6 news. nbc 6 is everywhere. chopper 6 over opa-locka city hall after an fbi raid this morning. agents have been inside for more than nine hours collecting evidece. we're told this is part of a public corruption investigation. while no arrests have been made yet, the fbi is asking anyone who has been the victim of corruption in the city to reach out and contact them. our crew on the scene caught up with the city's vice mayor amongst other city leaders seen ducking out of the building. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. we have an update on the health of miami heat star chris bosh. the all-star forward released a statement today indicatinin he does not currently have blood clots and his situation has
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he's hopeful he can return to the court this season. hehhas not played since early february when he was diagnosed with a recurrence of the blood clods that sidelined him for the second half of last season. >> announcer: now first alert weatherr with john morales. >> it's been pretty good week weatherwise. no rain coming in with that strong onshore breeze as you can see on the live first alert doppler radar. this is our diplomat resort and spa cam. you can see the rough surf there at the coastline brought on by winds that have frequently gusted over 30 miles per hour today. it is really rough. stay out of the water is the best plan here. if you plan to try orttempt to
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it near life guard stations. at would be the safest bet. we've got pleasant r rdings i'd say. 79 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 77 in miami. but today's high was 84 degrees. it has been getting warmerr and it has been getting more humid. part of the reason for the humidity is this persistent onshore east to southeast wind flow. today, these are the sustained winds now anywhere from as low as 10 miles an hour, tt's not bad in marathon, but a sustained wind of 20 miles an hour and gusting frequently over 30 miles an hour in the afternoon. our dew point temperature has increased considerably. i called in sick yesterday. sorry about that. we had a dew point two days ago of about 56 degrees. now it is up to 65. ititis feeling more humid and that will be the trend as we gg into this upcoming weekend. high pressure is in the atlantic not far from bermuda. behind this high there's a
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several onts. eventually one of these fronts will come close to us here in south florida, but it's not expected to bring much in the way of rain nor would it bring much relief to our very warm weather. this is a visible image. not really a lot to look at. a couple of cloud streamers and a couple of clouds down into the lower florida keys. otherwise it is very nice and expected to continue to be very nice tomorrow with a high of 83. that trend into the weekend. saturday a few more clouds. it might sprinkle, but t chance of rain is 10%. on sunday, ll introduce a few more showers. it is the day we spring ahead. more rain c(ances on monday before it dries out on tuesday.
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nbc's "the voice" coach adam levine is going to be a dad. his victoria's secret wife is pregnant. the couple got married in july of 2014 and they haven't been shy about their plans of trying to start a familyly >> congrats to them. ever fget to file your tax return?
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a ton of unclaimed money is waiting for americans who may have failed to file their taxes in 2012. the irs announcedoday that refunds totaling $950 million may belongngo an estimated 1 million taxpayers. your time to claim that money is running out. you have to file your 2012 return no later than this year's april deadline. the irs is especially encouraging students and others who didn't earn too much to take a look at their records. tax season is ripe with scammers and they're using clever ways to scare you into handing over your money. >> thousands of people have been targeted in the past few years. consumer reports tells you how to spot a scam so you don't become a victim. alex gutierrez's nightmare started with a call from an irs official. he was told his tax refund was a mistake and he had to return it that day or else. >> they're going to cut off all
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>> reporter: panicked, he wired $700 to a scam artist in peru before he realize he had been had. >> the u.s. treasure department says this scam has been perpetrated in just about every stat and thousands of people have been defrauded of more than $26 million. >> reporter: it can happen to anyone. thishreatening message was left on the home phone of a consumer reports employee. when she called back, she was told she could have avoid arrest by immediately wiring more than $6,000 to clear the record. >> i need to go to the banan first. you need to withdraw the money in cash. >> reporter: when she balked, he threatened. >> the irs never calls out o o the blue. if you have a tax problem, you'd be contacted by mail. >> reporterother things the
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immediate payment, threaten imminent arrest, require a specific payment method, or request confidential information over the phone. he knows now how to spot a scam. if you suspect a scam, record it to the treasury attorney general. you can file a complaint online. you can find a link on the nbc 6 news and weather app. just search tax. >> got to be so careful. >> you really do. there's so manyy pranksters and fraudsters out there. news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's a look at what we're working on. >> reporter: i'm jackie nespral at the university of miami. we have live team coverage of the republican faceoff at tonight's debate. find out what issues they next.
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was left now on 6, another go for the grand ole party this time in the sunshine state. tonight, south florida takes center stages republicans face
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good evening, i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. >> tuesday's election considered a must-win for senator marco rubio, but trump maintains he's going to come out on to >> tonight, team coverage from the campaign trail. we start with jackie nespral live from the university of miami's campus in coral gables, the sightte of tonight's big debate. jackie? >> reporter: when i graduated from the university of miami in 1989 it was a much different campus. as i look behind me, i see the student union and new buildings. there's a lot of new development here on campus. as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. senator marco rubio graduated from here in 1996. he must make a statement here tonight in order to stop donald trump. for more on that, we send it over to jay gray live on campus. jay? >> repopoter: hey, jackie.


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